Thursday, March 29, 2007

Creamfields Lisboa

Creamfields Lisboa
The Creamfields Lisboa will be an experience of music to the different living creature to happen in Lisbon in next day 19 to May of 2007, in the Parque da Bela Vista.

The artists gifts in this musical event to happen for the first time in Portugal, like the Stereo Addiction,
The Prodigy, Da Weasel, Slightly Stoopid, Spektrum, Expensive Soul, Who Made Who,

Soul Wax, David Getta, Steve Lawler, Tiefschwarz, Diego Miranda, Rui Vargas, Stereo Addiction.

The eight areas of music will translate others as many different experiences of sound, Main stage associating the sound and the light, the Dome stage under a geodesic cupola,

the Sphere stage in a space environment, the Stratosphere in an immersion of VJing world, the Kubic in a interactive environment, the Silent Club to live deeply music without sound, one pool party in La Isla and the Iluminária for an experience of the music lived under different visual effect.

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