Saturday, December 2, 2006

tourism people

friendly people
We personalize the treatment given to the visitors, making them feel like friends and relatives, inserting them in the environment with heated sense of reception and welcome. From the simple information even to the service to the table, of the indication of which the best restaurant up to accompanying to the wanted place, of the single help to go upstairs even to the service of bar or restaurant, the sympathy rules in the face of how many they welcome it from the arrival to the departure, passing by the services selected by you.
We like to make our visitors feel welcome which is why we do all we can to make their stay an enjoyable one.Portugal boasts many gourmet dishes and some of the finest fresh seafood in the world. Eating dessert is a must, because our sweets and puddings, made according to the ancient recipes of monks and nuns, are a real temptation. As for our wines, they’re a well-kept secret but are the ideal accompaniment to any meal.

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