Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Loulé-White Night

In 2008, Loulé have enjoyed to the happening white night network.

The success the White Night has enjoyed in Paris ever since its first edition in 2002, has led many European capitals and large cities to organise their own White Night based on the Parisian model.

Wishing to share their experience in organising this event, and also to experience reciprocally enriching artistic exchanges, since 2006 these capital cities have decided to join forces, with the objective of completing successfully a shared artistic project entitled “European White Night”.

Operation “European White Night” also provides a privileged network of cooperation between the events organised in the various European capitals and hopes to extend to others too.

In 2006, five capital cities (Paris, Rome, Riga, Brussels and Madrid) have enjoyed an exchange of artists, each welcoming an artist or theatrical company coming from one of the capitals belonging to the European White Night network.

In 2007, six capital cities (Paris, Rome, Riga, Brussels, Madrid and Bucharest) decided to formulate a shared artistic project consisting in the creation of a “lounge” area in the heart of each White Night.

Since 2007 the city of Bucharest has joined the “European White Night” organising its first Notte Bianca for September 22nd.

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