Monday, April 21, 2008

Air show - Portimão

Between April 25 and 27, is scheduled to take place the air show in Portimão.

The top international stars of air acrobatics are coming to participate in Algarve’s first air show which will take place in the skies above the Arade River and will be the focal point of the festival and appearances by Spaniard Ramón Alonso and the Russian Svetlana Kapanina, world acrobatics champions from the International Aeronautics Federation and the Breitling Jet Team, the only non-military acrobatics team in the world to use jet planes, which is has also confirmed its presence.

One of the highlights of the air show will be the performance of the world’s only formation wing-walking team, Team Guinot, who have recently launched their five-ship formation display which will also be presented on the UK circuit at exclusive air shows this summer.

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