Saturday, October 13, 2007

Death and the Maiden

Two members of the cast of the Benef*Actors theatre group seen in rehearsal for their production of “Death and the Maiden” at the Lagoa Auditório in November.

The play, a psychological thriller, concerns the aftermath of a brutal dictatorship during which the central character, Paulina Salas, was tortured and raped in an attempt to solicit information from her. In the play, Paulina captures the man she believes was responsible for her suffering, a Dr Roberto Miranda.

Does she want vengeance, a public confession or death of the Doctor?

In her quest for closure she must fight not only to prove Miranda’s guilt but also to grapple with her husband, Gerardo Escobar.

He, as leader of the newly created Commission to investigate the crimes of the previous regime, demands an end her to illegal act of kidnapping.

Ariel Dorfman’s play is a fascinating polemic. Was Miranda guilty or just another victim? Who holds the moral high ground, Paulina or Gerardo?

The Benef*Actors group will present the play in English on the 16th (20.30 hrs) and 18th of November (16.00 hrs). All proceeds will go the the Castelo de Sonhos.

The theatre group “100Palavras”is scheduled to present the play on the 17th (21.30 hrs) in Portuguese.
To book tickets (€ 10,00) call 916 350 182 or mail to.

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