Wednesday, December 20, 2006

tourism sidecar Portugal

A new idea appears to liven up the specter of the tourism in Portugal, coloring still more the offer and the tourist liveliness that is claimed more and more dynamic. In this optics, the walk of Sidecar presents the innovation of proposal ride and circuits in this nice vehicle, which has the alternative variant to the automobile and for the one who likes motorized vehicles with sidecar.

In your specific Tour or any other event, different services for different occasions on the personalized package is offer to you as: transfers, your own tour as you design, a gift to your friends with voucher tickets with personalisation, so as a publicity where is advertise trademarks or companies, events having something special and unique in your party (weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, surprises, etc), and the last offer, children Tours (age > 7 years old).

Each tour has not a defined time, it all depends on the passengers, where they want to stop how long we should wait for them, because the tour is done according to their wishes. However, we do indicate a reference time so that our costumer have an idea for each tour. If you prefer, we invite you to design your own tour: choose your tour in Lisboa, Porto ou Algarve or contact us for your own tour.

Children are also welcome in our sidecars, for them we have special tours, but according to the Law, children with age under seven cannot be transported.
The tours migth to be canceled due to adverse weather conditions. Use alternative roads whenever the traffic, security or weather conditions become adverse.

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