Tuesday, December 26, 2006

rally Dakar new mystic

rally Dakar new mystic

Since that I know the rally off road of the Dakar I have that sensation of I smell the desert and adventure, the different temperatures between the cold and the heat, the movement of competitors, equips of support and spectators, people and machines, the coloring of the visibility of the sponsors and the rally, the successes and unsuccesses of pilots and equips, the independent domain of the plant marks and adventurers in an adventure amalgam that makes of Africa the true heart of the rally Dakar: everything this mark the rally Dakar new mystic.

The headquarters for the daily summaries were immense and generated lighted debates and appreciations between the group colleagues, becoming simultaneously general subject of school of adolescents and young in this need height, absorbed in the rally Dakar new mystic.

Since that I know the test, I felt the difference enters the installed capacity of the organization to promote therally and the contrast with populations with that it interacts, in my memorie remains still today all the images of the African spectators to see to pass the caravan and with an inferior per capita income the 1 hundredth of what each competitor spends to participate. Rally Dakar with the reality contrasts the new mystic.

The test had its evolution and of Paris-Dakar it passed the Lisbon-Dakar; of many sponsors of the rally, the main sponsor today of the Euromilhões, to try to lunch the rally for the way of the adventure; one of the purposes of the test is marked by the guided social marketing for the development. It still remains today for the more and less new all the rally Dakar new mystic with known contours less, however with other guidelines.

The fever of the participation also reached the Portuguese participants and is to see the increasing number of equips enrolled through the official site, exactly that only they arrive at the end of the chunk in Spain, most important is to participate and to absorb the rally Dakar new mystic.

It is come close wide steps the beginning of the test in Lisbon and “it is felt” in growing the arrival the king rally to the city of Lisbon, preparing itself this also to receive with pomp and circumstance, becoming involved themselves in the rally Dakar new mystic.

For who it likes this type of rally and involving surrounding it, is not to lose all the emotion of the rally, here so close to us and "drinking" the rally Dakar new mystic.

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